Hey there! I’m Caity Hubert.

I’m a business strategist specializing in branding, marketing, and sales strategy.

And i’m crazy-passionate about helping service-based entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams.


I believe that EVERY ENTREPRENEUR has knowledge and talents
that CUSTOMERS ARE WILLING TO pay big bucks for.

I’m here to help you discover how.

When we work together, three things will happen. You’ll…

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1 - gain clarity

You’re an entrepreneur, which means you’ve got a lot of ideas. That also means you’ve got a lot of decisions to make. I’ll help you eliminate distractions, allowing you to focus on tasks that will be most beneficial for your business.

We will cultivate a perfect service package, brand, and sales plan that plays to your strengths and sells with ease.

2 - get noticed

I’ve created a system for growing a following FAST. In fact, I was able to grow my social media following and email list by 3,000 people in only a few short months.

We’ll make sure you have a strategy for not only gaining visibility for your business, but turning those followers into raving fans.

3 - make more money

You didn’t start your business to have it feel like an expensive hobby. I’m all about profit (AKA getting you more sales). My proven systems will help you achieve your financial goals.

I want you to not only survive, but THRIVE.

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you’re invited to JOIN my free community
for SERVICE-BASED entrepreneurs!

the community includes…

  • monthly challenges and education opportunities

  • The chance to network and connect with a like-minded community of entrepreneurs

  • Access to feedback and support from successful businesspeople


Working really hard to GROW YOUR BUSINESS, but not GETTING the results you’re wanting?




  • Not sure how to go about becoming more profitable?

  • Wondering how to work smarter, not harder?

  • Feeling overworked and underpaid?

  • Want to discover how to market and brand yourself effectively?

It’s time to build a business that’s
steady, stress-free, and successful.



My name is Caity Hubert. Business strategist and creator of the Sales Boost System™ program for entrepreneurs.

I am a branding, marketing, and sales expert serving business owners who want to become more profitable.

I’m super-passionate about helping people create a business that fits their lifestyle, allows them to achieve goals, and changes their life for the better.

I believe that everyone has skills and talents that people will pay big bucks for.

I’m here to help you discover how.

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