Hello, there! I'm Caity Hubert.

Writing a bio about yourself is kinda awkward, honestly.

What do people even want to know about me anyway? Umm...we can start with hobbies?

My hobbies are coffee, red wine, and Netflix.

Street view of the 5-chair salon I own (The Burrow Salon) in NE Portland, Oregon.

Street view of the 5-chair salon I own (The Burrow Salon) in NE Portland, Oregon.

Wait, do wine and Netflix count as hobbies?

(If they don't, they do now!)

Crap, I should have outsourced this.

But I'm a DIY kinda girl, so I decided to take on the challenge.

Sitting here brainstorming what to write, I'm realizing how braggy it sounds to tell people how awesome I am.

I mean, I know I'm a decent human being.

And I know I have a lot of beauty industry expertise to share with you....

But I've never been the type to toot my own horn, so I'm just going to do the opposite.

Yup. I'm just gonna sit here and list my major flaws.

If you don't hate me by the end of this bio, great!

If I somehow convince you to think I'm cool...even better!

Here goes nothin'!



Some of the best things in my life were impulsive decisions. For example, by husband and I eloped to Vegas with only a few months' planning.

In fact, my decision to attend beauty school was one of the most last-minute things I've ever done.

My little schmoopy-poo and I at the Oregon coast.

My little schmoopy-poo and I at the Oregon coast.

Thankfully, it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life!

I'm one of those people where if something just feels right, I act on it.

Like this whole online course for hair stylists gig I've got going on...It feels like my "calling".

It feels like what I was put on this planet to do.

So I'm gonna chase that feeling!



Honestly, I pretty much run on coffee most days.

Balancing a career, family, and attempting to successfully "adult" definitely requires coffee.

Some people ask how I do it, and sound so impressed by my achievements.

To be totally upfront and honest, I'm exhausted. Like. All the time.

But, it's totally worth it! Because I'm making an impact and crushing my goals.



One of my biggest goals is to see hair stylists viewed with more respect and adoration.

Our line of work is super-hard, and I feel like we are often unappreciated or looked down upon.

I'd love to see doing hair as a celebrated craft, rather than a job people fall into if they can't "make it" doing something else. 

I'm striving to grow a tribe of beauty industry badasses who want to leave their mark on the hair industry with me.

I want to see more and more hair stylists making six figures and rockin' their careers!


So there you have it! That's me in my perfectly imperfect nutshell.

Honestly, I'm pretty straightforward.

What you see is what you get!

I'm a direct person, and I'm all about genuine connection.


If you feel so inclined to connect with me, I'd love to hear from you and get to know you better!

What do people really think about me?

She is an extremely talented and inspirational stylist and leader. I’ve known Caity for over a year now and she has been nothing but inspirational and uplifting. She has a lot to offer fellow stylists with her tips and experiences. I’ve never met someone so humble, yet so ambitious!
— Sarah Worthington, Hair Stylist
I started my career in the hair industry as an apprentice with Caity and I am truly grateful for everything she taught me. I really would not be the stylist I am today without the guidance and knowledge she provided me! Caity has a great understanding of how to bring together passion and business in order to build a successful career.

When I met Caity, I was just starting my career. I didn’t have a clientele and my technical skills were average. Within a few months of working with Caity, my clientele began to grow quickly while I fine-tuned my skills!

She definitely knows her stuff and if you have the opportunity to learn from her, don’t hesitate to take it!
— Anne Sweeney, Hair Stylist