The ONE Big Reason Your Business Isn't Growing

As a business strategist for hair stylists, I often ask the following question:

“What is the ONE thing you need to grow your business?”

Here are the top answers I often get:

  • More New Clients

  • More Referrals

  • More Re-Bookings

While this is somewhat true…

…it’s not the whole answer.

The three things listed above will give you a temporary boost in revenue, sure.

But you’ll get stuck in a vicious cycle of always having to work hard to get more new clients, referrals, and re-bookings.

Does that make sense?

Let’s think about it in a different way…

Imagine we owned a cookie bakery.

And we spent all our marketing efforts on trying to get more customers in.


And we get a lot of new customers.

Yay! …right?

Well…sort of.

These new customers will definitely help us sell more cookies.

But if these new customers don’t return, tell their friends about us, and purchase more premium products in the future…

We will always rely on new customers to keep our business afloat.

Unfortunately, that means we are so BUSY taking care of these demanding, high-expectation one-time customers that we don’t have time to do the things that really matter.

The things that will make our business run more smoothly.

Worst of all, we are so busy we neglect the one thing that can make or break our business…

…our cookie recipe.

As a hair stylist, your guest experience is your product.

Many new stylists are trying to grow their business by getting in as many new people as they can.

They often do this through discounts and deals.

This is a huge mistake.

Many established stylists are making good money, but they feel overworked and stressed out.

This is NOT sustainable.

Eventually they WILL experience burn-out.

And their business will suffer.

So how do we build our business in a way that’s smart, sustainable, and profitable?

By providing STELLAR product.

And we cannot do that unless we have completely perfected our consultation.

If you’re asking too few questions, the wrong questions, or neglecting to perfect your consultation altogether…

…your business will suffer.

Your consultation should be…

  • Building unconditional trust with your client, so they’re willing and ready to purchase anything you suggest to them

  • Teaching your client about the possibilities of what YOU can provide them

  • Making rebooking, referrals, and upgrades a NO-BRAINER

If your revenue has stalled, it’s time to revisit your consultation.

If you’re struggling to grow your clientele, it’s time to perfect your consultation.

Perfecting your consultation WILL provide you amazing results, and get you on the path to your business goals immediately.

teachable square crush that consultation.png

I’ve created a fantastic online course for hair stylists called Crush That Consultation. Hair stylists who have implemented the strategies in this course go on to double (even triple) their revenue with ease.