Four Ways to Establish Boundaries in Your Business

We are so blessed to be in an industry in which we get to create bonds with our clients. However, this can often lead to blurry-feeling boundaries between your work and personal life.

So how do we create boundaries without coming off as a cold fish?

Here's four tips to help you establish healthy boundaries in your beauty business:

💋 Keep office hours. Set a cut-off time, such as 7 PM, when you stop responding to texts from clients.

💋 Use a Google Voice number. Clients can text and call this number, which is linked to your personal cell phone. It's easier to tell if a phone alert is business-related or personal.

Another plus? If your cell phone number needs to change for any reason you don't have to change your google number, meaning you don't have to re-print business cards!

💋 Utilize a FB business page. Clients can see all your contact info, pretty hair photos, and other business-related information in one place. There's also a separate FB Pages app, making it easier to enforce your office hours.

💋 Have a cancellation policy and stick to it. I tend to be pretty understanding when clients are sick or have emergencies, but when clients no-call-no-show you suffer financially. I highly recommend coming up with a clear plan for no-shows and last-minute cancellations, and communicating it to your clients.