An Open Letter to the Client Who Didn't Come Back

Dear Client Who Didn’t Come Back,

I want to say thank you.

I know that trusting a hair stylist with your hair is scary.

Hair is a big deal!

A good haircut can make you feel amazing, while a bad one can dampen your mood for months.

So thank you for trusting me.

A few years ago I would have lost sleep over the fact that you didn’t come back for another visit.

I would have taken it personally, or wondered what the heck I did wrong.

However, after a decade of doing hair, I now realize that it’s not about me.

It’s about you.

It’s about your needs.

Maybe seeing me was out of your budget, and you can’t justify coming back.

Maybe you loved your hair, but the location of my salon isn’t ideal.

Or, maybe you didn’t like me at all.

And guess what?

That’s okay.

I truly hope you find your soulmate stylist.

Everyone deserves a soulmate stylist.

Every client that goes elsewhere after seeing me leaves more room in my schedule for clients who are a perfect fit for me.

I am overjoyed that my schedule is filled with clients who I absolutely ADORE.

If everyone who saw me came back, I would not have met many of my current clients!

So thank you for not coming back because you felt like you should even though you didn’t want to.

Thank you for being vulnerable and continuing your search for your soulmate stylist.

If you ever need anything, I’m here.

The relationship between hair stylist and client can be something so special.

As a hair stylist, I want my clients to feel comfortable, confident, and valued.

If we missed the mark, I apologize.

But, again, that’s okay.

I guarantee there’s a salon home out there that’s right for you.

And I truly hope you find it.


A Hair Stylist You Saw Once or Twice