One Big Marketing Mistake Hair Stylists Often Make

You may be making a huge marketing mistake without even knowing it.

Honestly, I see and hear it all the time; in-person, in emails, and on social media.

But before I go any further, we need to talk about marketing for a second.

When people think of marketing, their brain often goes to more obvious forms of marketing like ads and social media posts with an obvious call-to-action.

Here’s the deal…

EVERY SINGLE THING you say and do in reference to your products and/or services is a form of marketing.


Let me tell you a story.

When I was in my apprenticeship, my boss sent me to “spy” on two other salons.

I got a blowout at one, then an updo at the other.

My task was to listen to how they consulted, suggested, and, essentially, marketed to their clients.

I actually think about this random experience fairly often.


Because I realized one big marketing mistake hair stylists commonly make…

Focusing on features rather than benefits.

Let’s dig into the mistake a little deeper...

We often verbalize what we can DO, rather than what we can DO FOR our clients.

Here's some examples of things we can do:

  • Haircut

  • Multi-Dimensional Color

  • Smoothing Treatment

Now, think about what these services can do for a client:

  • A haircut can transform someone’s face, accentuating their best features.

  • Multi-dimensional color can put life and sparkle back into your hair, making it appear healthier.

  • A smoothing treatment can cut down styling time, instill confidence, and make your hair extremely enviable!


Too often I see social media posts with a photo of pretty hair and a simple tagline like, “Look at this pretty balayage! Book with me if you want balayage, too.”

The client is thinking, “Well cool. But what’s balayage? How the heck do I even say it?”


Let’s make sure we’re communicating the benefits of our products and services when we post on social media, not just what the services are.

Same goes for selling products in-salon. Listing off features such as number of ounces, ingredients, etc is okay...

...but you know what's even better?

Explaining the benefits of the product.

Essentially, this is as simple as answering the client's unspoken question, "What's in it for me?"

And the trick is really listening to your client's pain points, picking the best services and products to resolve them, and explaining HOW it will resolve them.

There's a fine art to asking the right questions and revealing pain points.

Honestly, learning this skill can skyrocket your hair biz revenue like crazy!

I go over that and oh-so-much-more in my signature program, the Beauty Biz Boost.