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You love doing hair, but you don’t love how sparse your appointment books are.

It’s time to go from slow to steady.

From plateauing to growing.

From concerned to confident.

Effortlessly grow your clientele & income
in only four short weeks
with Full Book Blueprint™.

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Imagine looking at your future appointment books and feeling excited rather than anxious, worried, and discouraged.


Your clients seem to like you and how you do their hair, but for some reason you’re struggling to fill your books.

You feel like you’ve tried everything to get people in your chair, but you don’t feel super-confident that they’ll come back, spend more, and send their friends in.

Above all, you want your career doing hair to make you good money.

Girl, I’ve been there.


As a business strategist for hair stylists, I’ve helped many stylists get out of their plateaus and ruts.

Beauty school doesn’t give you the business-building skills necessary to grow a full clientele.

Honestly, it takes most stylists years of trial-and-error before they’re finally making steady money.

(That is, if they don’t give up before they get there.)

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I’ve created an online program that takes the guesswork out of building a steady, quality, and profitable clientele.

It’s called Full Book Blueprint™.
And it’s freaking awesome.

It contains proven systems and strategies that fill your books with clients that trust, respect, and are loyal to you.

You’ll also discover how to…

  • Suggest retail products and upsell services without feeling like a slimy, sleazy salesperson

  • Effortlessly get your clients to pre-book, ensuring your books stay full and you never have to scrounge for new clients again

  • Ask for referrals in a way that works (without having to offer deals and discounts that lessen your take-home pay).

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If you’re a hair stylist who is looking to grow your business, fill your appointment books, or build your dream clientele…

Full Book Blueprint™ was made for you.

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Let’s face have a lot to lose if your books don’t fill up soon.

Many stylists have to take on a second job to make ends meet.

(Or stop doing hair altogether.)

Having slow books can make you feel discouraged, bummed, and burnt out.

I know you started doing hair for freedom, flexibility, and to make great money!

Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened for you (yet).

But guess what?

You can make great money.

You just need proven strategies and systems for filling your appointment books.

That’s why I created Full Book Blueprint™.

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Listen, Full Book Blueprint™ is NOT just an online course.
It includes ongoing support to ensure your investment pays off like crazy.


Essentially, you’re investing in lifetime support for your business.

Need feedback on an email you’re about to send to clients? Done.

Want clarification on a strategy outlined in the program? I gotcha, girl.

Want to celebrate and humblebrag about how awesome your business is doing since investing in Full Book Blueprint™?

The other students and I will cheer your successes!

Full Book Blueprint™ includes access to an exclusive group for paid members only.

This group offers…

I’ll do a livestream in the group weekly to make sure your business is growing. We’ll troubleshoot any issues you’re having.

You’re welcome to post in the group anytime you need support, advice or feedback. You’ll receive a prompt response.

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I believe continuing education is crucial to any stylist’s success. The industry is always growing and changing, so monthly trainings will ensure you’re always on the top of your game.

In addition to the Full Book Blueprint™ online course and access to the exclusive members group,
you’ll get the following exclusive bonuses
after the 30 day refund period ends:

build a badass business plan (3).png

discover how to choose colors, pick fonts, and create graphics that will make your marketing stand out and get noticed.

build a badass business plan (2).png

Finally master your budgeting, pricing, and inventory management systems. Feel confident in your ability to manage money wisely.

build a badass business plan (4).png

jealous of stylists who have a gorgeous website? Well, you can have one, too! And I’ll show you how to make an amazing website in only one hour.

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The course content consists of four modules
that build upon each other
and result in you becoming super-confident in your ability to fill your appointment books:

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module one: attract

  • Discover the most effective ways to fill your books with ideal clients

  • Master your marketing

  • Start attracting new clients without wasting hours on social media posts that don’t work.

Module two: connect

  • Ensure that every client who walks through your salon doors feels welcome, safe, and trusts you

  • Discover how to communicate with your client so you can effectively discover and solve their hair needs

  • Quickly gain the trust and respect of your clients and position yourself as a pro no matter what your skill level.

module three: impress

  • make sure your clients are “wowed” by your work every single appointment

  • discover how to stand out above other stylists and ensure your clients stay loyal to you

  • learn strategies to follow-up with clients and boost your retail sales, referrals, and upsells effortlessly.

module four: retain

  • discover how to get referrals rolling in on auto-pilot

  • gain confidence that clients will pre-book over and over, staying loyal to you

  • become super-profitable, successful, and confident in your hair business!


The first module will become available the day you invest.
You’ll unlock a new module once a week until you have all four. You’ll have LIFETIME access to the course material.

Bonus lessons will be available after the 30 day refund period ends.

You also get immediate access to the exclusive course community mentioned above.
The community includes weekly check-ins, monthly advanced trainings, and ongoing support and feedback.

Just imagine…

  • Never having to worry about being able to afford rent, supplies, and other expenses ever again

  • Looking at your future books and seeing them full of clients you enjoy

  • Feeling confident in your business-building skills and knowing you rock at selling, referring, and pre-booking your clients.

You could be the best, friendliest, and most talented stylist in the world…

...but if you’re struggling to get clients you’ll never feel successful.

Full Book Blueprint™ will help you master the art of growing a steady clientele.

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Seriously...what the heck are you waiting for?

Let’s fill those books!

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(Frequently Asked Questions)


The program is valued at well over $2,000, but priced at $599. However, I offer three accessible and affordable payment plans.

You can get started for as low as $50 today!


While I cannot legally guarantee that you bank account balance will rise (you can thank my lawyer for that), I'd be SHOCKED if it didn't.

Many stylists I work with have doubled their revenue after working with me. Some of them did just that in only 4 weeks!

If you don't see a change in income, it's probably because you skipped modules or aren't actually making an effort.

However, I do offer a 30-day risk-free purchase policy. You’ll have 30 days from the day you sign up to try the program on for size. If you actually put my blueprint into practice and don’t see results, you can email me and we will give you a full refund.

I never EVER want anyone to have buyers remorse. (Again, I'd be shocked if you did.)


The short answer is NO.

I know social media marketing is pushed on hair stylists like crazy these days…

...and I also know that other popular courses and programs for hair stylists are highly, if not solely, focused on social media marketing.

Here’s the media marketing is NOT the answer to all of your problems.

In fact, many stylists who have “mastered” social media marketing are really good at getting new clients..

...but totally suck at impressing and retaining them.

So, yes, we cover social media marketing in the course. But this program also covers the BIGGER, broader picture.

Not only will you discover how to attract new clients, you’ll become a pro at impressing and retaining them EFFORTLESSLY so you don’t EVER have to scrounge and scramble for more new clients.

Let’s streamline and automate your marketing efforts so you can spend more time caring for your clients...not getting a headache from trying to master social media.


Here's the deal.

I know I'm not the only mentor for hair stylists out there.

I know there are people who have been in the game longer than me.

So what makes me so special?

For one, I still do hair behind the chair. This may not seem super-important, but it really is.

The fact that I still do hair means that I'm practicing what I preach. I know the ins-and-outs of the industry, and can relate to self-employed hair stylists and their struggles because I AM ONE OF YOU!

Furthermore, I'm super-straightforward. Some people may say I'm intimidating or have a case of RBF. While the resting bitch face part of that last sentence is true, I'm really one of the most genuine people you'll ever meet. I don't sugar-coat things. I'm totally results-driven, and I WANT YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

So if you want a career coach who is all smiles, rainbows, and encouragement...I may not be your gal. While I can totally offer those things, I'll also give you a little tough love when you need it.

Because guess what? Tough love ain't such a bad thing. And if you want RESULTS (and fast)...I'm ready to help with that!


look good feel better.jpg

You can feel extra good about your purchase!

I donate 10% of all proceeds from Full Book Blueprint™ sales to the American Cancer Society’s Look Good Feel Better program.

This program is near and dear to my heart, and I’m proud to be able to contribute to and support a program that utilizes cosmetologists in such a positive way.

Look Good Feel Better’s website states that the program, “holds group workshops that teach beauty techniques to female cancer patients to help them combat the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment”.

Your enrollment in Full Book Blueprint™ not only helps your business,
but helps women going through cancer treatment feel beautiful!

How awesome is that??

Getting and keeping clients is absolutely crucial to your success as a hair stylist…

...and this program will teach you everything you need to know about attracting, building, and retaining your dream clientele.

I’m so confident this program will change your life and career for the better, I’m backing it with my 30 day risk-free purchase policy.

You can try the program out for up to 30 days.

If you can prove that you did the work and it didn’t work for you, i’ll issue a refund.

(FYI...this is not a “I bought it and forgot about I want my money back” thing. You gotta try it!)

Here’s the deal...this program works.
will see results.

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Here’s what you’ll gain from Full Book Blueprint™:

  • The skills to effortlessly grow your clientele

  • The ability to upsell services and suggest retail without feeling like a salesperson

  • Confidence in your business-building skills

  • Strategies to grow your income and become more profitable

  • A hair business you’re finally proud of.


So who the heck created this thing?

Hi, I’m Caity, the creator of the Full Book Blueprint™ for hair stylists.

I created the Full Book Blueprint™ program for talented (but frustrated) stylists who are ready to take control over their business and see dramatic and immediate growth.


I’ve been an employed stylist, a booth rent stylist, and am now a salon owner. I’ve seen the industry from all three sides, and I’ve dealt with every frustration and challenge you can imagine.

I constantly come across kind, talented, and driven stylists who are missing key parts of their business practices, therefore preventing them from seeing the growth they are capable of.

My goal is to draw from my own experiences to fill in the blanks, give you clarity and direction, and watch your business grow.

With the Full Book Blueprint™ program, you’ll finally have the resources you need to grow, thrive, and succeed in the beauty industry.

It’s not just about doing good hair, promoting yourself, and getting your clients to like you. It’s about combining those three things, and more, in an effective and repeatable way.


In contrast to other classes for hair stylists, Full Book Blueprint™ gives you all the tools required to make your dreams a reality.

At the end of this course, you will fell like a well-rounded, balanced hair stylist with the potential to achieve anything you want.

You won’t have to sit in a classroom on your day off spending hours on just one component of your skillset. Rather, you’ll be able to work at your own pace to improve all aspects of your in-salon systems.

I’ve designed this program to give stylists a clear-cut plan of action for dramatic success in the industry.

With my program, you won’t need to invest in multiple classes that require travel.

This is the only hair stylist business-building program
you'll EVER need.


You won’t leave with unanswered questions or experience buyer’s remorse.

This program is essentially a decade of experience, reading countless books, and taking expensive classes rolled into one package with a pretty pink bow.

Don’t miss this chance to take control of your income and build your dream clientele!

You’re ready for Full Book Blueprint™ if you genuinely love doing hair, are willing to put in time and energy to see growth, and you love the idea of a positive and encouraging community.

This program may not be right for you if you don’t really like being a hair stylist, your technical skills need a lot of work, or you don’t believe that you have potential to grow.


You have the potential to be a super-successful hair stylist.

You just need a formula for growing your clientele.

That’s what Full Book Blueprint™ is for.


It’s time to enroll now and change your business forever.



The entire system is valued at over $2,000
…but you can get started for as little as $50 today!


Pick your payment plan below:

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Investment includes…

✓ LIFETIME access to the Full Book Blueprint™ online course. Immediate access to Module 1 and access to a new module weekly until all four are unlocked ($599 value)
✓ IMMEDIATE access to the exclusive members-only group which includes live weekly check-ins, support and feedback, and monthly advanced trainings ($1,499 value)
✓ LIFETIME access to the Beautiful Branding bonus after the refund period ends ($100 value)
✓ LIFETIME access to the Financial Success for Hair Stylists bonus after the refund period ends ($100 value)
✓ LIFETIME access to the One Hour Website bonus after the refund period ends ($100 value)
✓ 30-Day Risk-Free Purchase Policy.