frustrated with your hair biz?

Not seeing the growth and revenue you had hoped for?

feeling overworked or underpaid?

It's time to go from feeling stuck to successful.
From anxious to confident.
From slow to in-demand.

Are you ready?

Beauty Biz Boost™ is designed to give stylists a clear-cut plan for dramatic success in the industry.

You'll see massive growth in only 12 short weeks.

A fulfilling, profitable, and frustration-free career as a hair stylist can be yours.

It’s your time to shine.

Let me guess...

You want to know how to effortlessly get more clients, become more financially stable, and feel super-successful in the beauty industry.


You want to feel like your marketing, branding, and selling efforts are actually working.

Above all, you want your career as a hair stylist to pay off financially and emotionally.

Having spent over a decade growing my beauty industry business, opening a successful salon in my early 20s, and training other stylists on how to replicate my processes, I know the following:

  • It’s frustrating when clients seem to leave happy, but don’t come back for a second visit.

  • When your schedule is sparse you feel worried, defeated, and frustrated.

  • Sometimes it can feel like the only way to get new clients in your chair is to offer them discounts.


Luckily, I’ve personally dealt with all these challenges and know how to overcome them.

In fact, many high-earning hair stylists were once in your shoes.

I have been, and it sucks.

It really sucks.

Many stylists have to live with family, take on a second job, or go into debt to pay for color and products.

Again, I’ve been there.

It feels terrible to feel like you've hit a plateau in your professional growth.

You didn’t go into business for yourself to sit in the break room waiting for walk-ins, feeling constantly stressed, and making chump change.

You became a stylist because you want to take time off  whenever you want, become as financially successful as you want, and feel fulfilled in your career.

Truthfully, you’ve got a lot to lose if you don’t get your act together fast.

That’s what I’m here for.


My name is Caity Hubert. I am a business strategist for hair stylists who want to grow their clientele, become more profitable, and feel more successful in the beauty industry.

We both know that you’re not feeling rewarded in your career, and the way things are going now make it seem like you’ll never feel truly successful.

You work hard to make sure every client leaves looking amazing. Your technical skills are on point, yet your business is not growing like you’d hoped it would.

You don’t understand why, despite your best efforts, you still feel stuck.

Want to know what’s missing?

Proven systems and strategies.

When you implement proven business, branding, and marketing strategies into your hair business, the guesswork and anxiety will start to melt away.


You’ll be able to focus on wow-ing your clients, keeping them happy, and upping your service dollars.

And with that financial success you’ll be able to have the freedom and flexibility that originally drew you to being a hair stylist.


Just imagine:

  • Getting new clients, keeping a full schedule, and effortlessly obtaining referrals.

  • Taking time off without worrying about the finances.

  • Having clients you truly enjoy in your chair every single day.

  • Never worrying about being able to afford rent or supplies again.

  • Feeling successful in your career as a hair stylist.

Beauty Biz Boost Computer Mockup (2).png

Introducing the
Beauty Biz Boost™!

The Beauty Biz Boost™ is an interactive online program for hair stylists who want to enjoy their careers to the fullest, both financially and emotionally.

When you sign up you'll get 24/7 access to this online program consisting of videos, tutorials, and worksheets.

You will discover the best practices of successful hair stylists, how to successfully implement them into your work life, and how to start making better and more consistent income.

You'll also have access to expert guidance and coaching.

Members will receive immediate access to the exclusive FB community for instant support from, and sharing with, other B3 (Beauty Biz Boost™) stylists!

I am SO confident this program is life-changing, I offer a 30-day risk-free purchase policy.

Lifetime members may take advantage of a 30-day refund policy.

If you can send me proof that you tried my suggestions and they didn't work, I'll gladly give you a refund.

Month-to-month members can cancel anytime.

This investment is risk-free.

Beauty Biz Boost contains a 3-Step Framework
that’s proven to work.








Instead of feeling…

  • Anxious

  • Burnt-Out

  • Underpaid

You’ll become…

  • Confident

  • Stress-Free

  • Successful


Anne Sweeney.jpg

"I can honestly say I would not be making the career strides I am today without Beauty Biz Boost™."

- Anne Sweeney, The Balayage Bae

Beauty Biz Boost™ is designed to give stylists a clear-cut plan for dramatic success in the industry.

You'll see massive growth in only 12 short weeks.

What are the phases of the program?

WEEKS 1-4 = the Establish phase


We'll start your Beauty Biz Boost™ by ensuring that you...

  • Have a mindset and attitude that's ready to attract more income and more clients

  • Have rock-solid financial foundation that can support a growing business

  • Know how to goal-set, plan, and track your progress to skyrocket your career.

After your schedule starts to fill up, you'll be ready to instantly make more income by ensuring that your salon guests have a 5-star experience with you. 

You'll discover how to effectively communicate with your clients, ensuring that you...

  • Not only meet, but exceed, their expectations with your technical skills

  • Can effortlessly suggest and upsell additional products and services

  • Start unlocking additional income through asking the right questions.

We will make sure you have the right tools to become an in-demand stylist that people love, can't wait to see again, and rave about to their friends!

After you master these three modules (which I believe are absolutely crucial to any stylist's success), you'll see SIGNIFICANT changes in your service sales, retail sales, and tips.

Not to mention the fact that your client satisfaction, retention, and referrals will effortlessly soar!

WEEKS 5-8 = the growth phase

simplifying systems.png

Master the behind-the-scenes stuff to make sure that your...

  • Pricing is on-point and profitable

  • Business is free of potentially costly mistakes and expenses

  • Budgeting, bookkeeping, and accounting systems are in place and easy to stay on top of.

After this portion of the program, you'll LOVE going into the salon every single day knowing that...

  • Your color inventory system is on-point and you'll never run out of what you need

  • You're able to stay on time and stress-free, even on the busiest of work days

  • You will save time and eliminate expenses by automating tasks that are normally time-consuming.

Discover how to...

  • Create and cultivate a visually beautiful, professional, and personalized brand that fits YOU and your strengths

  • Ensure your marketing efforts are profitable and helping you grow your clientele

  • Learn exactly what marketing techniques and strategies actually work.

WEEKS 9-12 = the scale phase

prep (1).png

Be certain you are making a great impression on potential and current clients by...

  • Optimizing your social media pages

  • Determining where you should be spending your time online, and what platforms are a waste of time

  • Finding out how to make gorgeous graphics and write amazing copy for emails and posts.

We will also make sure that your website...

  • Looks amazing, "wow-ing" potential and current clients

  • Answers all necessary questions to visitors

  • Is on-point with your brand and looks super-professional.

At this point in the program, you'll be ready to take your hair biz to the next level by discovering how to...

  • Utilize events and local resources to your advantage

  • Position yourself as a beauty industry professional

  • Start generating passive income (aka learning how to obtain sales when you're not actually at the salon doing hair).

In addition to access to the online course, your investment gets you immediate access to the following:

  • Membership to a private FB Group for the B3 community and support with other hair stylists who have invested in the program

  • Exclusive monthly training opportunities with me that dive deeper into the course material and build upon the systems and tools you'll learn in the program

  • bi-Weekly group support sessions with me to make sure all your questions are answered

  • Bonus courses:

    • Effective Goal-Setting for Hair Stylists

    • Crush That Consultation

    • Beauty Biz MakeoveR



What are these bonus courses all about?
($745 total value)

teachable thumbnail fb ads made simple.png
BBM Teachable Thumbnail.png

fb ads made simple
($199 value)

discover how to run successful fb ad campaigns that convert!

beauty biz makeover
($199 value)

You’re only three days away from becoming a more valuable and sought-after stylist with a fantastic reputation and beautiful brand. discover how to achieve confidence and growth in only three short days.

teachable thumbnail crush that consultation (1).png
Teachable Thumbnail EGS.png
teachable thumbnail land more leads.png

Crush that consultation
($99 value)


Effective Goal-Setting for Hair Stylists
($49 Value)

Gain the tools needed to set, track, and exceed your goals.

land more leads
($199 Value)

DISCOVER HOW To reach thousands of quality potential customers on auto-pilot!

These bonus courses are available instantly after investment in the Beauty Biz Boost™ program.

I've also added awesome bonus lessons
that are 100% exclusive to Beauty Biz Boost™ participants!

BONUSES include:


build a badass business plan (2).png

Discover simple strategies that will ensure you'll never have to see the dreaded empty appointment books again!

build a badass business plan (3).png

Tired of spending hours on tasks like inventory, checking voicemails, and emailing clients back and forth?

This bonus gives tips, tricks, and tools that will save you precious time.

Not tech-savvy? No worries. I'll break everything down step-by-step.

build a badass business plan.png

Let's talk strategies for taking things to the next level.

Wondering if it’s possible to generate revenue when you’re not actually doing hair behind the chair?

without spending a ton of time and money to do so?

This bonus will give you all the information you need to begin to take those next steps.

Note: The Fill Your Appointment Books bonus is available immediately upon enrollment. The other two bonuses become available after 30 days.


What are you waiting for?

(Frequently asked questions)


How much does it cost?

The program is valued at well over $6,500. However, I offer three accessible and affordable payment plans. You can purchase a lifetime membership for one payment of $699 or 9 payments of $99. You can also enroll in a recurring month-to-month payment plan for only $59/month.


What if it doesn't work? What if I don't see a transformation?

While I cannot legally guarantee that you bank account balance will rise (you can thank my lawyer for that), I'd be SHOCKED if it didn't. The program is set up to ensure that you earn AT LEAST $1,000 more monthly. AT LEAST.

If you don't see a change in income, it's probably because you skipped modules or aren't actually making an effort.

However, I do offer a 30-day risk-free purchase policy. Lifetime members have 30 days from the day you sign up to try the program on for size. Month-to-month members can cancel anytime.

I never EVER want anyone to have buyers remorse. (Again, I'd be shocked if you did.)


Is this just a course to help me get more clients? Will the program benefit me if my books are already pretty full?

The answers are no, and yes, respectively.

No, this program is for hair stylists in any stage of their business.

If you want to work smarter, not harder (aka make more money in less time), this program is for you.

I want to make it clear that Beauty Biz Boost™ is absolutely NOT "just" a course to teach you how to fill your books. In fact, there's barely any content detailing getting new clients.

It's about making your current clients' experience so freaking amazing they tell everyone and you NEVER have to worry about getting new clients.

The strategies outlined in the program are designed to help you make more money in less time. Wether you're just starting out, fully-booked, or somewhere in-between.

New clients - if you need them- is a side effect.

If you're already really booked, though, Beauty Biz Boost™ will absolutely still help your business.


Why should I trust you, Caity Hubert, to coach me?

Here's the deal.

I know I'm not the only mentor for hair stylists out there.

I know there are people who have been in the game longer than me.

So what makes me so special?

For one, I still do hair behind the chair. This may not seem super-important, but it really is.

The fact that I still do hair means that I'm practicing what I preach. I know the ins-and-outs of the industry, and can relate to self-employed hair stylists and their struggles because I AM ONE OF YOU!

Furthermore, I'm super-straightforward. Some people may say I'm intimidating or have a case of RBF. While the resting bitch face part of that last sentence is true, I'm really one of the most genuine people you'll ever meet. I don't sugar-coat things. I'm totally results-driven, and I WANT YOU TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

So if you want a career coach who is all smiles, rainbows, and encouragement...I may not be your gal. While I can totally offer those things, I'll also give you a little tough love when you need it.

Because guess what? Tough love ain't such a bad thing. And if you want RESULTS (and fast)...I'm ready to help with that!

Here's what stylists are saying about the program...

My name is Sarah, and I am a proud member of Caity’s Beauty Biz Boost™ program. I truly feel like this course can change the game for all of us. I’m so excited to make use of all I’ve learned, both in my business and personal life. I’m so grateful for this program and all it will help me achieve!
Caity taught me how to perfect my consultation and create a thorough and thoughtful appointment, which are key factors in my high client retention. I can honestly say I would not be making the career strides I am today if I had begun my career with anyone else.

She is a wonderful teacher and cares deeply about helping stylists have successful careers.

Hi, I’m Caity, the creator of the Beauty Biz Boost™ for hair stylists.


I created the Beauty Biz Boost™ Program for talented (but frustrated) stylists who are ready to take control over their business and see dramatic and immediate growth.

I’ve been an employed stylist, a booth rent stylist, and am now a salon owner. I’ve seen the industry from all three sides, and I’ve dealt with every frustration and challenge you can imagine.

I constantly come across kind, talented, and driven stylists who are missing key parts of their business practices, therefore preventing them from seeing the growth they are capable of.


My goal is to draw from my own experiences to fill in the blanks, give you clarity and direction, and watch your business grow.

You don’t need a boss. You are your own boss.


However, you do need guidance, a plan, and a proven process.

That’s where I come in. With the Beauty Biz Boost™ program, you’ll finally have the resources you need to grow, thrive, and succeed in the beauty industry.


It’s not just about doing good hair, promoting yourself, and getting your clients to like you. It’s about combining those three things, and more, in an effective and repeatable way.

In contrast to other classes for hair stylists, Beauty Biz Boost™ gives you all the tools required to make your dreams a reality.

At the end of this course, you will fell like a well-rounded, balanced hair stylist with the potential to achieve anything you want.

You won’t have to sit in a classroom on your day off spending hours on just one component of your skillset. Rather, you’ll be able to work at your own pace to improve all aspects of your in-salon systems.

I’ve designed this program to give stylists a clear-cut plan of action for dramatic success in the industry.


With my program, you won’t need to invest in multiple classes that require travel. This is the only hair stylist business-building education you'll EVER need.

You won’t leave with unanswered questions or buyer’s remorse.

This program is essentially a decade of experience, reading countless books, and taking expensive classes rolled into one package with a pretty pink bow.

Don’t miss this chance to take control of your income and build your dream clientele!


You’re ready for the Beauty Biz Boost™ if you genuinely love doing hair, are willing to put in time and energy to see growth, and you love the idea of a positive and encouraging community.

This program may not be right for you if you don’t really like being a hair stylist, your technical skills need a lot of work, or you don’t believe that you have potential to grow.



You've made it all the way here.

It's time to transform your business.

Don't wait!


Pick your membership and payment plan below.


✔ LIFETIME access to the Beauty Biz Boost™ online program
✔ Immediate access to the Fill Your Appointment Books bonus
✔ Additional bonuses after the 30-day refund period ends; Business Automation for Hair Stylists and Scaling Your Hair Biz
✔ Immediate access to bonus courses Effective Goal-Setting for Hair Stylists, Crush That Consultation, Beauty Biz Makeover, FB Ads Made Simple, and Land More Leads.
✔ Membership to a private FB Group for the B3 Community
✔ Exclusive monthly trainings that dive deeper into the course material and further accelerate your growth
✔ Access to past training videos after 30 days
✔ Bi-weekly support sessions for clarification, guidance, and accountability
✔ 30-day money back guarantee.



✔ LIFETIME access to the Beauty Biz Boost™ online program
✔ Immediate access to the Fill Your Appointment Books bonus
✔ Additional bonuses after the 30-day refund period ends; Business Automation for Hair Stylists and Scaling Your Hair Biz
✔ Immediate access to bonus courses Effective Goal-Setting for Hair Stylists, Crush That Consultation, Beauty Biz Makeover, FB Ads Made Simple, and Land More Leads.
✔ Membership to a private FB Group for the B3 Community
✔ Exclusive monthly trainings that dive deeper into the course material and further accelerate your growth
✔ Access to past training videos after 30 days
✔ Bi-weekly support sessions for clarification, guidance, and accountability
✔ Option to cancel your membership anytime.