Let's turn your passion for doing
hair into a super-profitable business.

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It's so nice to meet you!

My name is Caity Hubert.

Photo Credit - Katy Weaver Photography

Photo Credit - Katy Weaver Photography

I am a beauty industry business strategist who specializes in helping hair stylists attract, build, and retain their dream clientele.


I've been in the beauty industry for over a decade.

From apprentice to salon owner, I've seen the beauty industry from all angles.

In fact, I'm still doing hair behind the chair!

And I don't plan on stopping...like...ever.

The beauty industry can be tough...

...that's why I created a FREE community for hair stylists who want to grow their businesses!

I know what marketing strategies work, what doesn't work, and how to make GREAT money doing hair.

My methods and systems are a little different than other coaches and course creators in our industry.

Most (if not all) mentors for hair stylists put a HUGE focus on social media and websites.

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That's all fine and dandy.

I'm not saying having a good social media presence is a bad thing by any means.

However, I truly believe that the traditional methods of engaging on social media have the potential to cause stylists to work harder rather than smarter.

(I'm so passionate about this topic, I actually wrote a blog post about it. No pressure, but you can read it by CLICKING HERE.)

Here's the deal...

You got into this industry because you're independent and creative, right?

You wanted freedom and flexibility.

Unfortunately, you're finding yourself glued to your phone.

You're spending hours a week engaging with current and potential clients by replying to texts, phone calls, emails, Instagram messages, Facebook messages, comments, online booking inquiries...the list goes on.

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Not to mention the fact that clients are becoming less loyal and more demanding.

They're exposed to super-amazing hair photos on Pinterest and Instagram on the daily. (Photos of hair that probably took 8 hours to achieve.)

The products you worked so hard to recommend to them are easily accessible online with 2-day shipping.

They're getting their hair advice from countless bloggers and YouTubers (who probably aren't even licensed to do hair).

Honestly, being a hair stylist is pretty stressful these days!

Stylists not only have to simply do great hair...

We also have to be marketing experts, photographers, copywriters, social media managers, receptionists, product experts, teachers, and sometimes even therapists!

It can get pretty darn exhausting.

What if there was a better way?


Well, my dear, there is!

I specialize in helping hair stylists grow their businesses QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY.


Working with me will help you solidify your systems, know your value, build a badass brand, and work smarter rather than harder.

...but what does that mean, exactly?

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Through nearly  a decade of trial and error, I've figured out some pretty rockin' systems for getting and keeping clients. I'll teach you my formulas for consulting, retailing, and asking for referrals so you'll be confident clients will stay loyal to you.

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You are the face of your business. Your marketing efforts and brand should reflect your personality, bring ideal and loyal clients to you, and make you money even when you're away from the salon. I can show you how.

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Not many people love numbers, spreadsheets, and graphs as much as I do. Many stylists are not giving their services enough value, and it's causing them to lose out on revenue. I'll teach you how to budget, price yourself correctly, and become more profitable.

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Once you've got your systems, value, and brand in place...it's time to kick back and reap the rewards of your efforts. I help stylists work smarter, not harder. You'll have less stress, more control, and a rewarding career.

Check out my signature program...
Beauty Biz Boost™.

This program includes coaching and mentorship from me and will help you...

  • Effortlessly attract, build, and retain your dream clientele
  • Make more money without working more hours, feeling burnt out, or busting your butt to get new clients in your chair
  • Create a branding and marketing plan for your business that will grow your income and help you effortlessly reach your financial goals!

This is a game-changer, you guys.

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You’d love to be one of those hair stylists with a hefty bank account balance, the freedom to take luxurious vacations, and confidence that you're running your business well. You want to know how to expand your clientele, make more money, and feel super-successful in the beauty industry.


Right now you’re stressed about your not-so-full schedule, often need to discount services to get people in your chair, and feel frustrated more often than you’d like. You’re wondering why new clients aren’t coming in, how the heck you should be marketing yourself, or why you always seem to be strapped for cash.

Not to toot my own horn, but I've done pretty well for myself in the industry.

I was able to open my own salon when I was only 25 years old.

(Then I started to discover my passion for mentoring other stylists and watching their businesses grow.)

As a hair stylist and salon owner with nearly a decade of industry experience, I help struggling stylists like you who want to:

  • Make consistent and satisfying income
  • Fill their appointment books with quality clients who are enjoyable to work with, loyal, and send them referrals
  • Quit worrying about making rent, saving money, or making up for taking time off
  • Feel confident in selling services and products, communicating well during consultations, and building trust with their clients
  • Feel like a stable and successful beauty industry badass!

That's why I started my FREE community called Successful Hair Stylists...
to support hair stylists just like you!

Hold up...did you read that correctly?

It's free?

Yup. It's FREE.

When you're a part of my tribe, you’ll have access to everything I’ve learned about being a successful stylist.