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Set yourself apart in the beauty industry.

Do you identify with any of the following statements?

  • You LOVE doing hair, but you dread all the other stuff that goes along with it; returning texts and emails from clients, website design, and social media marketing?
  • You wish you could just get back to the parts of your career you enjoy, rather than feeling overwhelmed with your super-long mental to-do list?
  • You want to have a gorgeous, functional website...but don't have the time and skills to do an overhaul?
  • You want strategies to grow your business bank account without having to bust your butt quite as hard?

If so, then investing in one of my Personalized Beauty Business Solutions™ packages will help get you on the right path.

Do you ever do that thing where you stare at a word for so long that it looks like it's spelled wrong...even though it's not?

Or experience the phenomenon where you proofread something 1,000 times, email it to a bunch of people, then see a ton of grammatical errors after clicking "send"?

haute-stock-photography-healthy-boss-lady-final-12.jpg're not alone.

All too often, our businesses are like that, too.

Our businesses our like our babies.

We've put our blood, sweat, and tears into growing them.

That's not a bad thing in and of itself.

However, it can be hard to look at our businesses objectively.

And this leads to stress, overwhelm, and broken business systems.

It's extremely important to have a third-party outsider take a look at your business through their eyes.

That, my friends, is my specailty.

My name is Caity Hubert. I'm a business strategist for beauty business professionals like you (aka self-employed hair stylists and salon owners).


You're spending so much time on the day-to-day stuff that big-picture goals and "little" tasks go by the wayside.

The little tasks build up and before you know it your to-do list feels miles long.

You need help!

Fortunately, for every problem there is a solution.

And I'm really good at problem-solving.

Real talk time...growing your business was tough.

"When the heck am I going to be able to kick back and reap the benefits of my hard work?" you're wondering.

You’ve been hustlin' and bustlin' for years, and you're starting to feel a little burnt out.

Maybe you want to establish yourself more with a gorgeous brand, website, and online presence.

Maybe you're ready to be seen as an authority in the industry.


You might simply feel like you need some “me time” when you’re not doing hair rather than responding to emails, calculating inventory, and trying to get all the little “to-dos” done.

Above all, you need to feel like your business is gaining a fantastic reputation, becoming more profitable, and headed in the right direction.

Being a successful salon owner and hair stylist myself I understand the following:

  • Training and managing a team of stylists can be exhausting
  • Learning the ropes of graphic design, branding, and social media marketing is time-consuming
  • It’s hard to delegate tasks out to others, let alone keep track of all the tasks that need to get done
  • Focusing on your own clients can be a struggle when it feels like there’s a million things to do
  • Outsourcing work such as web design, hiring an assistant, or utilizing a bookkeeper can be super-expensive!


Trust me...I’ve been there.

I opened a salon so I could have more freedom and flexibility...but it took me YEARS to get here.

Through a lot of trial and error, I’ve discovered a ton of systems, automation tools, and “hacks” that I wish I knew about years ago!


My guess is you’re feeling overwhelmed.

You need help.

You CAN’T do it all alone without eventually having a complete mental breakdown.

My name is Caity Hubert and my Personalized Beauty Biz Solutions™ are going to save your sanity.


Together, we will tackle anything and everything your business needs.

I know that outsourcing tasks or hiring a business coach can be expensive.

And, honestly, you just don't really have the time to go through and implement content from lengthy online courses.

Salon owners and stylists need more options for tools to help them automate and scale their businesses, but don't want to break the bank doing so.

Well, my dear, that option is here.


Just imagine...

  • Being able to focus on the aspects of your business you love, knowing that your not-so-favorite chores are being taken care of correctly, quickly, and efficiently

  • Getting systems in place that automate your business, make clients super-happy, and generate income while you sleep

  • Having access to education and coaching on the topics and issues you care about most.

Freedom, flexibility, and further business success can all be yours when you choose to work with me.

Want to learn how to re-do your website? We can do that.

Need help training your employees?

I gotcha covered.

Interested in some time-saving business hacks?

Yup. You can learn those, too!

This service is totally tailored to your personal needs.

VIP-level access to expert coaching, support, and trainings can be yours!


When you work with me, you'll see amazing growth in your business month after month.

Pick your ideal solution below...


Strategy Session
One-Time Fee of $199

Includes the following:

✔︎ Audit and assesment of current business practices
✔︎ One-hour strategy session
✔︎ Personalized action plan
✔︎ One week of email support
✔︎ One month membership in my HairBoss community (a $29 value).

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Ongoing Support
Monthly Fee of $497

Includes the following over the course of one calendar month:

✔︎ Audit and assessment of current business practices
✔︎ Two one-hour strategy sessions
✔︎ Personalized action plan
✔︎ Ongoing email support
✔︎ One year membership in my HairBoss community (a $290 value).
✔︎ Four hours of my time dedicated to helping you implement strategies and crush goals (included but not limited to live or in-person staff training, ad strategies, copywriting for emails, organizational systems, etc.)

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